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Residence Permit for Entreprenuers 

Unlock professional opportunities in Hungary with the Hungarian Card! This permit is available to third-country nationals aiming to work under an employment contract or as an owner/managing director of company. It allows you to perform actual work in addition to managing your business activities. Enjoy a permit validity of up to 3 years, extendable for another 3 years. To qualify, you must hold a professional qualification in IT, natural sciences, or engineering as specified by the relevant ministerial decree.

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National Card -for Serbian or Ukrainian citizens

Open opportunities in Hungary with the National Card! This permit is available to Serbian and Ukrainian citizens aiming to work under an employment relationship or through a temporary work agency. Entrepreneurs are also welcome to apply. Enjoy the convenience of a document valid for up to 2 years, with the possibility of extensions for up to 3 years at a time. Work under the direction and supervision of others and receive remuneration in Hungary.

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Employment of foreigners in Hungary

Unclose opportunities in Hungary with the Guest Worker permit! Designed for those seeking to perform actual work under the direction of others, this permit ensures you can work for remuneration under an employment contract. Enjoy a permit validity of up to 2 years, extendable for an additional year, but not exceeding a total of 3 years from the first issuance. Please note, family members of a guest worker holding or applying for a residence permit for employment are not eligible for a family reunification permit.

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White Card – Digital Nomad Visa

Discover the benefits of Hungary's White Card for digital nomads! This special permit is ideal for third-country nationals with verified employment outside Hungary or those owning profitable companies abroad. Work or manage your business from Hungary using advanced digital technology solutions. To qualify, ensure your monthly legal income is at least EUR 3,000 net for the six months before applying. Enjoy the flexibility of a one-year validity period, extendable for an additional year.

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Family Reunification in Hungary

Reunite with your loved ones in Hungary with a Residence Permit for Family Reunification! This permit is available to third-country nationals who are family members of someone with a listed residence permit. Proof of family ties can include birth certificates, marriage certificates, adoption documents, or other credible evidence. The permit's validity is tied to the sponsor’s residence status, generally lasting up to 3 years and extendable by another 3 years if conditions are met. 

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Intercompany Expats in Hungary 

Experience seamless mobility with Hungary's Intra-Corporate Transfer permit! This permit is designed for third-country nationals temporarily posted for employment or training by a company outside the EU. Executive employees and specialists can enjoy a permit valid for up to 3 years, extendable within the same period. Trainees receive a permit valid for up to 1 year, also extendable within the same timeframe. Required documents include an employment contract or assignment letter proving three months of continuous employment with the same company or group.

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Hungarian Golden Visa and other business residence permits for Entrepreneurs 

There are many other possibilities for third-nationals who want to expand their business from a third-country to Hungary or from Hungary to the EU. In the following article we check the new rules on business immigration or better known “residence permit for the purpose of gainful activity”. 

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Having or not higher education – Business Immigration possibilities  

The Hungarian Card and the guest self-employed permits which provide Schengen residency for the entrepreneurs. The big question is: do you have a degree?

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Comprehensive Guide to Purchase Property in Hungary for Golden Visa Program 

Successful investors habitually seek due diligence services to ensure they remain on track with legalities. At the same time, it’s imperative to assess your ROI and secure your property at the lowest cost. 

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